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Stay on task, pace yourself and finish! Or that 11, Bigfooters attended the online Sasquatch Summit in If you are confident in your writing abilities and the story of your life has yet to be published in a similar memoir, read on for tips on constructing your proposal package.

How to write a book chapter proposal

That gave me a sense of who they were, what sort of material they were looking for and how they preferred to be queried. I swear I almost died of happiness. Now onto the next biggest category of non-fiction that we get submissions for: narrative and memoir. Listed below are the contents of a typical memoir proposal, along with my tips, comments and suggestions. Tom Holland drafted a memoir about his rise in the personal trainer industry, and while it was his story, it was also an expose of gym culture. Sometimes it is harder to capture that arc in a proposal than in a whole book. Also, a well-written proposal shows an agent that you have thought deeply about all aspects of your book. And, in future posts, look for how to target the perfect agent for your book. Stick to verifiable numbers.

Begin each section on a new page. Can you help?

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Make sure this chapter is clear and well focused. Ultimately I went with the agent who moved quickly but the other agent was very understanding and encouraging.

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Always remember that taking on any big project is a long game — a very, very long game — and it is heartening and inspiring to see how far you are on the path towards completion. Otherwise, a sample chapter will do. Use this checklist.

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However, in the case of memoirs, some editors may want to see completed works.

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Dear Pamela, Memoir Advice about Your Book Proposal