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This may be presented in various forms, such as simple brochures , annual reports , and even websites. They must be able to understand your cause without knowing much about your organization. In my view, the case for support should be one of the first things you do when you form your non-profit. As you write newsletters, direct mail, your website, donor materials, etc. Be specific with your cause and support it by gathering statistical data, survey questionnaire , firsthand testimonies, and expert opinions. What can be guaranteed, and what is possible? People want to give to organizations who cast a compelling vision. Does your case statement do this? For the external environment, on the other hand, the case invites the public to support a given cause in order to address a growing need. While there may be several nonprofits that could deal with this issue, what is unique about you? Major donors , particularly, will not want to see a complete plan to fund. Be sure to make the need manageable so that supporters feel that they can make a difference. State the need precisely.

What are the negative consequences if you fail? Consult the Case as part of re-writing the Annual Appeal. Here are just a few:. A case statement can be included in a grant application as justification for the request.

Ensure you have solid answers related to financial management: How does my organization spend unrestricted dollars, which funds do they go in and what do those funds do?

case for support pdf

Most important, your case should be as understandable to your organization's receptionist as it is to your wealthiest prospective donor. But not every agency or organization realizes how important this short compelling argument is in their ongoing fundraising efforts. Avoid being too redundant but instead, make it straightforward and easy to understand.

As you write newsletters, direct mail, your website, donor materials, etc. With the exception of a deeply gripping introduction, every case statement is unique and should be laid out in a manner that makes sense for your nonprofit.

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The public needs to be made aware of societal issues that exist in the world today. They prefer to flip through a publication, reading captions and call-outs.

You might not even recognize them as case statements.

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It forms the basis for all of your donor communications and asks, and provides a valuable resource to everyone who is soliciting donations on your behalf. Ideally, a brilliant case statement will be donor-centric, written to donors and potential donors using reasoning and language that will resonate with the target audience. He may be able to save a person or help a family. If you act now, what will be the positive consequences, both major and minor? They are too long. A case statement should inform donors of the benefits that may be attained from the success of a cause. Consider using a professional writer to craft the text. The case statement acts an informal script when phoning prospective donors; all the important points are gathered in one easily accessible document. Why me?

Your readers are composed of diverse individuals. This may be presented in various forms, such as simple brochuresannual reportsand even websites.

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How to Write a Case for Support for Your Non