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Tips on writing lyrics to an existing melody.

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Once you have thought of this, start by thinking of either a short musical melody of about notes OR a short line or two of song lyrics. If you gave your line a value of , start on a low tonic. Here it goes! You may need to extend it by adding a couple of words or shorten it to fit the melody. Feel the lyric as you read. In addition to this common problem, there do not exist many sources of information on how to write lyrics to music. The point I am making is today it is common for one person to do both jobs requiring an understanding of both processes — blending lyrics with melody. Once you have chosen which one you want to do first, write the first half of your melody. Make sure that the natural pulse of your words comes through.

Feel the lyric as you read. Focus on the rhythm of your notes in addition to the actual pitches you use, and repeat certain pitches as necessary listen to your favorite singers to hear an example of how this is done.

Go ahead and play with the idea until it fits comfortably.

how to match lyrics to a melody

Play the first chord from a short chord progression on your guitar or keyboard. Written by Gary Ewer. Spend extra time to make sure that you really like this melody; then once you are satisfied, resist making changes to it for the remainder of the time you are working on this song or song section.

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Hmm so how do I get started? Step 4: Finish the second half of the melody by thinking of lyrics for the melody. Create a climactic high point by considering the emotional word you listed in Step 4. Now for a very important part of the lesson: Highlight the important words in your lyrical phrase with these powerful tools. Begin with lyrics first, before you have created a melody. Look thorough your lists for a line you think is memorable and compelling. The focal point of your lyric might work well by allowing it to be one of the highest notes in your song. Now say the phrase in a monotone voice. Find the note for each syllable on your guitar and write it in above that syllable. Listen to the melody and feel the emotion it suggests. If so, you are not alone. By keeping the melody the same, you force yourself to come up with innovative ways to change or slightly alter the lyrics you use to write your music. To write music lyrics in this manner is like a combination of the other two approaches mentioned in this article.

If you are starting totally anew without any pre-written lyrics or song melodies, you may benefit from taking this approach. Its the strength and function of music to embellish words — to create the emotion and put some life into them — learn to choose the right tones and length of tones to enhance the words.

Try saying them at different tempos.

How to write a melody

Visit Robin's websites for more songwriting tips and inspiration: www. Try using a simple statement of what you feel in one of the lines so that listeners get a clear idea of what the song is about. Record yourself reading the same lyric over different rhythm tracks and see what happens! It would give a different meaning to what the lyric writer wanted. If you gave it a , start on the 3rd above it. After you write a melody for the lyrics, you will also have a restriction on the amount of words and syllables you can use. Written by Gary Ewer.
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Songwriting Lesson: Matching Melodies and Lyrics